Downloading the Videos
To download, right-click on video title link and choose Save Target As or Save Link As. Unzip, extract video with WinRar, a free program you can download here: Winrar

Music: Anymore of This by Mindy Smith & Matthew Perryman Jones

Movie: Snow White: a Tale of Terror

Anymore of This WMV 42 mb

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Music: All Fall Down by OneRepublic

Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman

All Fall Down WMV 161 mb

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Music: Distance by Christina Perri

TV movie: Catherine Cookson's The Moth

The Moth WMV 42 MB

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Music: Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur

TV miniseries: Jane Eyre BBC

Honey and the Moon WMV 54.6 MB

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Music: Isn't it Obvious? by Howie Day

TV miniseries: Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: the Sequel

Isn't it Obvious WMV 46 MB

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Music: Don't You Give Up on Me by Milo Greene

TV miniseries : Lost in Austen. Told from Amanda's perspective.

Music: In the Deep by Bird York, Crash soundtrack

TV miniseries : North and South

In the Deep DIVX 35.2 MB

In the Deep
WMV 22.7 MB small

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Music: When You Know by Shawn Colvin, Serendipity soundtrack

Movie: Ever after

When You Know DIVX 30.5 MB
When You Know
DIVX 20 MB small

Music: Falling for You by Longview

TV miniseries: Pride and Prejudice

re-edited 2014

Falling for You WMV 93 MB

Falling for You MPEG (original version) 39.5 mb small size

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Music: Tu Chiami Una Vita, Washington Square ST re-edited 2014

Duets WMV 84 mb

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Love and music in Jane Austen's world. Films: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma. Re-edited 2014.

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