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These are my favorite Irons/Nottingham stories (in no specific order). The authors kindly allowed me to share them here. Author contact info. is included with the stories. R-rated fanfic is clearly marked before the stories begin. None of the fanfic is NC-17.

At First Sight Kitsa  
A New Myth Wormie  
Kenneth Irons' Christmas Carol Jazz9star  
Lesson PhOtog  
Protegee PhOtog  
Sunday Jazz9star  
Truce Jazz9star  
Wielder of Destiny Lassar  
Tell Me a Story Lassar companion piece to Wielder of Destiny
Somnium Jessica Roberts  
Silence Broken Jazz9star  
Witchblade Deleted Scene #1 Late Bloomer  
Variations on a Theme Kitsa  
What Memories are Made of Kitsa  
I am the one who walks beside you Wolfhoundwitch  
Snow Jazz9star  
Irons   Wildcelt poem
Ian's Epitaph Wildcelt poem  
Ian's Small Rebellion Shealynn poem  
Verschworung und Kaiserreich Kitsa  
It's a Wonderful Life, Kenneth Irons

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